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Competition & Track Day Cars

VHS Ltd puts ideas into practice with our MGTF competition car

Our MGTF 160 is a modified competition car tuned for sprint and hillclimb speed events. We use it to test our ideas and to put our expertise into practice. It is also great fun! When time allows, we compete in the MG Car Club Luffield Speed Championship - we hope to meet you at an event!

As can be seen from our results below, the car is delivering an outstanding performance. The engine is a completely standard TF160 item, so why is it so quick?

  • Weight reduction to 875kg (without driver) improves power to weight ratio and agility.
  • VHS Comfort Damper Kit provides better body control particularly during rapid direction changes, leading to a more consistent and exploitable handling balance.
  • Bespoke wheel rates, suspension travels and roll stiffness distribution have been developed to suit the weight of the car and driver preference.
  • VHS Big Rear Brake kit utilising the original calipers but operating on a bigger disc gives improved stopping power and fade resistance.
  • New front axle geometry and wider track via new wishbones to improve handling, grip, braking stability and security at the limit.
  • New front and rear wheels with revised offsets to suit the new axle geometry and to increase the rear track width.
  • Bespoke aerodynamics give balanced down force at both front and rear axles to give consistent responses through the speed range – giving the driver confidence to maintain speed.

In summary, the car has very forgiving handling. As such, it is relatively easy to drive at the limit compared to most mid-engined cars, allowing the driver to make best use of the available horsepower.

Coming soon - power, axle kinematics and aero upgrades - plus an updated 'look'.

Competition and Track Day Car Analysis

Your car should be agile and responsive, yet with a high degree of stability to let you exploit its performance.

Let us help you to enjoy your driving by showing you how to make your car better.

Analysis, critique, advice, help………..all part of our service to you.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Results for 2008

2008 Venue Result
6th April Curborough Sprint 1st in class, FTD and new MGCC record
3rd May Ty Croes Race Circuit (Anglesey) 2nd in class
4th May Ty Croes Race Circuit Anglesey) 1st in class
15th June Silverstone Sprint 1st in class and FTD
12th July Loton Park Hill Climb 1st in class, new class and MGCC records
19th July Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb 1st in class and new MGCC record
30th August Ty Croes Race Circuit (Anglesey) 1st in Class (but bent valves in practice!)
27th September Prescott Hill Climb Fastest MG and new class record

In 2006, we entered the MG Car Club Speed Championship with the target of achieving a class win at each event. As shown below, we achieved just that! 

2006 Venue Result
8th July Loton Park Hill Climb 1st in Class
22nd July  Prescott Hillclimb 1st in Class
6th August  Curborough Sprint New MG Car Club Record
2nd September  Ty Croes Race Circuit (Anglesey) Fastest MG of the day
3rd September  Ty Croes Race Circuit (Anglesey) Fastest MG of the day
16th September  Harewood Hillclimb 1st in Class
17th September  Cadwell Park 1st in Class

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