The start of 2020 feels like a good time to take stock here at Vehicle Handling Solutions Ltd. Our new web site is up and running so customers can see what we have to offer. However, there is a fair bit happening behind the scenes which may be of interest.

The difficulties in achieving good front axle geometry (caster, camber and resulting bump steer characteristics) on MGF and TF is well known, with many cars having a problem from new. We have modified countless cars by repositioning the lower arm outer ball joint, but this is very labour intensive and results in a fixed condition. As our cars age, these parts are also susceptible to corrosion. So, we have taken the decision to develop a replacement arm which offers fully adjustable geometry when fitted on the car. This will allow geometry correction and modification should it be required e.g. after lowering the car and developing a track day or race car. Prototype parts are in the process of being built and tested. Watch this space for further updates.

Remember Xpower? The branded clothing, umbrellas, caps and competition cars caused quite a stir in the MG Rover years. A number of suspension lowering kits (in Xpower green of course) were produced for TF, ZR and ZS. We have been asked by Retrosports Cars Ltd to help with the design and manufacture of a similar kit to suit MG ZT V6 and diesel. The work is complete, with parts available in March. Place your orders via . Other kits will follow if there is demand.

Our MG3 kits are nearing completion (the comfort suspension kit is already available). The lowering kits are now ordered. As we hope you would expect from VHS, these offer substance as well as style. The revised spring rates modify the handling balance to offer greater agility. The Bilstein monotube dampers will shortly be added to offer our ultimate road package for MG3. Final production specifications are in the process of being confirmed. This will allow further height adjustment (especially useful if you fancy a powertrain upgrade by Retrosports Cars Ltd) and the ‘control with quality’ that we can achieve with the monotube technology.

Finally (for now), we are awaiting further prototype parts for MG ZS SUV petrol and EV, to provide a ride and control upgrade. A set of ZS11 SUV petrol parts are on test with a well-known MG guru, so we look forward to his comments being published in the spring.

At the moment, there is rather more to take stock of, than actually in stock……..