Despite the frustration of being unable to influence the chassis tuning of MG ZS EV (it is a ‘global’ tune, developed in China), I am pleased to see that it is achieving good sales success for MG Motor UK. Whilst the press and customers have rightly focussed on range, features and safety, the ride and handling performance has left some less than satisfied.

VHS Ltd has been approached by a number of people, wanting a solution to the handling problems of MG ZS EV. Having driven several pre-production cars in China and UK, we already had a clear idea of what needed to change; to give a better balance to the ride, greater stability and handling consistency. But it is important to understand the requirements of the customer. Is the car primarily used for short urban journeys? What is the typical loading condition? What specifically does the customer dislike?

After analysing the feedback from customers and our client Mike Proctor in particular, we agreed to fit a set of test parts to his MG ZS EV. The kit utilises Bilstein monotube dampers all round, with settings to provide a more dynamic ride and handling compromise. The increased body control reduces pitch, allows the car to settle more quickly after a large input and improves wheel control through potholes.

Does it work? Mike often shares his knowledge, so please find his thoughts on our modifications. It is titled ‘The best handling MG ZS EV in the world?’

Whilst we have shown that the fundamental handling problems can be addressed, it is important that we now refine the settings to give Mike the best solution for his car. The next step is to add a little more compliance to the front axle and to let the car ‘breathe’ more easily over rougher surfaces. As always, we want to provide comfort with control. We look forward to trying these changes in the near future. We are sure that Mike will also be keeping us all informed.

A similar development has taken place for MG ZS petrol derivatives, with tuning tailored to the differing mass properties. Our intention is to bring both kits to market later this year.

Are you less than satisfied with the ride and/or handling of your ZS of any type? If so, please let us know your thoughts as it will ensure that our kits provide the optimum solution.

The best handling MG ZS EV in the world? You decide.