It is usual for businesses to have an annual stock take. Here at VHS, that won’t take long, so we may as well get it over and done with.

We have a range of products for MGTF, some of which we have managed to advertise on our website. Parts include our comfort damper kit developed with Bilstein mototube units and replacement original equipment (OE) standard and comfort springs. Our uprated anti roll bar kits from Eibach offer substantial roll stiffness gains, supplemented by the quality and responsiveness of ball jointed anti roll bar links.

Standard MGTF OE anti roll bar links are also available (RGD000660 and RGD000670) if a cost effective freshen-up is required. At MOT time, you may need OE rear axle lateral links (RGD000571), or if your TF subframe mountings are corroded, we offer OE replacements (part number KGE000110 if you are interested). Talking of mountings, we offer these with appropriate fixings for use on MGF, to reduce shake and shudder. A further improvement can be made using our torsional stiffness improvement kit, which uses TF braces with all the brackets and fixings required to allow your rear-view mirror to be useful.

The ride comfort of MG3 has occasionally been questioned, especially the reaction of the rear axle. Our MG3 ride improvement kit makes a noticeable difference. It is a direct replacement of the OE springs and spring aids, so simple to fit (and remove).

Modification or refurbishment of existing parts (on an exchange basis) also takes place at VHS. Our MGF or TF lowered seat frame offers a 20mm lowering of the ‘H’ point and lets the occupant sit further into the seat pan. We make a series of modifications to create this, whilst preserving the integrity of the frame. We have also decided to offer a refurbishment service for the MGTF rear upper links (RGD000920 and RGD000930) which can be an MOT failure, although the spring load does a good job of hiding the ball joint free play on the ramp! It gets a thorough clean, a new ball joint and a repaint.

A few other bits and pieces are also available, so please take a look at our web site listings or just ask.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that we offer consultancy to improve your vehicle’s dynamic behaviour.