Our meeting with a client was arranged. Spend some time discussing technical and commercial issues, then take a test drive in our VHS MG TF160. Nothing like a drive to demonstrate our wares, rather than just talking about them. The car was fully prepared the day before, with a fresh geometry check (nothing had changed) and even a wax polish. For a ‘rescued’ car, it looked great (even though I say it myself). Taking the car for a test drive confirmed that all was well for the demonstration. Even better, it reminded me just how competent a well set up TF can be.

[Just as a reminder, our TF has the following VHS parts fitted: VHS Bilstein monotube dampers, larger anti roll bars front and rear (with ball jointed links), adjustable front lower arms (correctly adjusted….) and a pair of our lowered seats.]

For a 20-year-old car sports car, the ride is fluid and composed. Minimal roll and direct, linear steer response gives agile handling and when road conditions become challenging, driver confidence is high.

I have been doing some work for a company tasked with delivering a new range of electric vehicles. Targets are rather generic, but rolling comfort is the priority – which means that the achievement of satisfactory body control is a challenge when the mass of the battery is ever present. The platform uses conventional twin tube dampers all round (as do the vast majority of the competitors), so careful tuning will be the way to achieve the best compromise. Unfortunately, compromised it may be.

I was asked recently if we supplied adjustable dampers for MGTF. Unfortunately, not. I say unfortunately, but I actually think our VHS dampers provide the best dynamic performance for all road (and track day) conditions. Some adjustable dampers that I have tried have provided a significant range of adjustment and can offer benefits in specific circumstances. But for a road-based car, it is rather difficult to twiddle a knob (preferably in pairs) between one road input and the next. Obviously, the use of adaptive damping is the way to go (although beyond the budget of most real-world cars). This reminds me of my experience of a Jaguar XFR which I may recount in a future blog…..

Where was I? Ah yes, electric car tuning. Well, my consultancy work is confidential. However, I’m pleased to say that our VHS struts and dampers for MG ZS EV are transformative. If you don’t believe me, look online. The complementary lowering spring kit further enhances the agility, improves the stance and the range per ‘tankful’. (Even better for some, we have VHS struts and dampers for the petrol derivatives). Our lowering spring kit for MG5 EV transforms the looks and again improves agility and range. Well prepared kits, manufactured by class leading suppliers.

So, our VHS MG TF160 demonstrator was fully prepared for our client. And then the storm came over where I live and dumped sand all over it. At least the wax meant it washed off easily. Preparation is everything.