Who wouldn’t want an MG Metro 6R4? Back in the day, it seemed like hardly anyone! I did. As a sponsored student, I was working at the Longbridge plant when the production build was taking place. Remember that at least 100 examples had to be built for sale, to qualify for entry to Group B rallying. The desire to buy was even greater when the Clubman’s spec car was on offer to employees at a discounted price (I can’t remember exactly but seem to think it was about £12K – probably rather less than the build cost), to try and shift them. Those who chose to buy either loved driving them or stored them (maybe both if kept out of the trees on a forest rally stage….) and now have a rather shrewd investment.

How times have changed. The MG4 Xpower full electric car is now on sale and a show car paying homage to the 6R4 took a tentative run at Goodwood. Some sports car/motorsport passion from China-owned MG at last?

An aside. I helped to justify (we were allowed to use ‘scrap’ parts from Longbridge), build, develop and drive a rapid Metro (rebadged Rover 114) in the 1990’s. We featured in a ‘Car and Car Conversions’ magazine article and I won the class in the Midland Hillclimb championship in 1996. I remember discussing the performance with a friend. His Dad was due to compete at Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb in his new Ferrari road car (I can’t remember the model). I was entered to drive the Metro/Rover 114, so obviously said that I would be quicker! Fighting talk, met with mirth. Result? 1- nil to the Metro! It did use very large slicks, handled like a dream and made 160hp from a 1.4 K series. Happy days. Why mention this (other than it makes me smile)? Well, on the same weekend, I was quicker than a 6R4! I may discuss our car in a bit more detail in a future blog. Suffice to say that I’m delighted that a new owner now has plans to refurbish the car and sent me some delightful pictures. Isn’t it dainty (ish)?

Back to the MG4 and Xpower. Is it just me, or do the wheel arch gaps look too large? Shouldn’t it be lowered a bit? Hunkered down like VAG or Hyundai sporty products? Answering my own question, it seems I’m not alone – a number of people have asked about lowering springs for MG4. Will VHS be developing them? Maybe. Depends on demand. Please contact me if you have an interest. Don’t forget we have already engineered Eibach lowering spring kits for MG ZS EV and MG5 EV. Our MG3 lowering spring kit also makes the car look great and lets you reach the centre of the roof when washing it (when did small cars get so big?).

MG Metro 6R4 too expensive? MG4 Xpower too electric tall? VHS have the spring, damper and handling solutions.