Our rather well used Hunter 4-wheel alignment equipment has had no time to cool down this month. It has been measuring the results of our fully adjustable front lower arms for MGF and MGTF. Unfortunately, the manufacturing tolerances and subsequent problems of poor camber and caster are well known (as discussed in my October 2020 blog ‘Only the driver steer the car’). We set ourselves the target of making new front lower arms, that offer suitable adjustability when fitted to the car.

After a protracted design, development, and manufacturing phase, we now have production intent parts on test. Installation and clearance checks have been carried out followed by the all-important range of adjustability. Our MGF was received with rather poor geometry (typically low caster, with some cross-axle imbalance and out of tolerance right hand camber), so was an ideal test bed. It was a pleasure (and a rather unusual occurrence) to see exactly nominal values displayed by the Hunter alignment screen for caster and camber. Extra adjustment was also available should customer cars be at an even worse starting point or if bespoke settings are desired.

Durability testing is under way, with some extreme overload tests and proof of production integrity being carried out. The first production batch of parts is on order, so we are looking forward to offering these for sale in the New Year.

So why a picture of the MG ZS EV (on charge between test runs)? Our work on this vehicle has yielded a 3-stage approach to improving the rather loose and uncontrolled ride behaviour of the standard car. Stage 1 addresses the fundamental stability issues with the rear axle by the use of tailored Bilstein monotube dampers. Stage 2 adds further stability, handling poise and steer response using Bilstein monotube front struts. Stage 3 offers a set of Eibach lowering springs with revised rates to add further agility. Whilst waiting for production kits to arrive, we have fitted our production intent stage 1 kit to a client’s car for his feedback. Very favourable test results so far. More next time.

Testing times? 2020 has been a testing time for all of us. Best wishes to you all for a safer and more rewarding 2021.