Happy Halloween, whatever this means. It seems to me that it is now just another commercialised (and therefore, expensive) day in the calendar. Allegedly great fun. Thankfully my wife is on trick or treat duty as I write this, standing behind the front door in full scary witch outfit. Yes, really. The local kids will soon be traumatised….

I don’t tend to get spooked by supposedly scary stuff, but our MGF Project Car ‘as received’ really was alarming. Low and unequal front wheel caster angles gave rise to bump steer curves which didn’t even fit on our standard graph template. Aftermarket pads and corroded discs only added unpredictability to the truly frightening (in)stability under braking.

Having said that Halloween is simply another selling day, feel free to order our MGF/TF adjustable front lower arms as the best way to calm down.

Our MG ZS EV damper kit is the best way to remove the panic-inducing rear axle shuffle when traversing a cross ridge mid-bend. It might not make you scream, but the excessive pitch and bounce of the standard car will make you sick. Relax and recover with a set of our monotube Bilstein dampers.

Too scary to look at? I’m afraid that the MG5 EV wheel arch gaps could have been penned by Edvard Munch. Our lowering spring kit provides a 25mm improvement (look out for our soon to be published photo gallery) – and probably makes the car look much closer to how it would have been presented and approved in the Design Studio….

The price of these improvements? Could be scary, but do you dare not to look?